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Inventiveness. Then, now and in the future
Inventiveness. Then, now and in the future


Mankind is curious by nature and has shown so over the centuries. This property is an important motivator for people to further develop themselves and is even called a primary human need. Curiosity motivates, gives self-confidence and might even be the main driving force behind the development of society. Museum TwentseWelle concerns itself with the inventiveness of the curious and creative humans - then, now and the future. We show what mankind is capable of as a discoverer, investigator and designer and how humans have changed and will continue to change the world. 

Up to Date

By means of a continuing learning curve on cultural heritage TwentseWelle provides a wide range of diversified educational programmes for primary and secondary education.


Museum TwentseWelle inspires, makes suprising links and makes you think. What doe a loom have to do with a USB flash drive? A pigeon with a fire detector? Or tinder fungus with a ligther? At Museum TwentseWelle you will be eye to eye with a mammoth and discover what happens in an Indian woman's wondrously magical living room. You can discover a flint axe that is thousands of years old, but also a high-tech machine used to grow artficial noses. And what does all this have to do with inventiveness? Discover at Museum TwentseWelle. 



Museum TwentseWelle is never the same. In our specially created Pavilion we have a different exhibition every year. And in the so-called 'futuristic Egg' we regularly focus on a new inventive hero. Moreover, there are always exciting temporary exhibitions regarding a wide range of topics ranging from nature and technology to art and culture. All exhibitions are listed on this website.